Our Community Values

When we talk about community values, we are referring to the way we approach life, ministry, family, work, church planting, etc. These are the things that are important to us.

We eat together—a lot
Community is one of our highest priorities, and we love to practice it around meals, coffees, desserts and potlucks.

We laugh along the way
Church planting is hard work, but friends make the journey fun. We make sure to laugh in spite of hardships and to savor every moment.

Everyone does the dailies
There are no rockstars, and there are no jobs too small. From setting up chairs to making coffee, everybody pitches in.

We’re tech savvy… for the right reasons
We have to be frugal, agile, and lean. For us, that means using technology to be more efficient, connect long distances and make our jobs easier. We are adaptable and we are eager to learn.

Everyone has a story
We are all real people, and we encounter real stories. We never assume to know where someone is coming from, and we’re quick to listen. We genuinely revel in God’s redemptive work in everyone, no matter their past or present. We are inclusive.


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    • Morning Experience, Nursery, & Rêver Kids Rock // 10am
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