About Rêver Church

in Longmont, Colorado

Friends, Family, Dreams: Get to Know Rêver

Rêver (pronounced rev-AY) means To Dream.

The dream was first launched in 2010, when a handful of churches in the Longmont area joined forces for a new beginning. Zac & Lisa Wilkinson led the fresh start, and our community initially met in local storefronts, a high school, and the Pacific Event Center. During the “dark year,” when Rêver was meeting in the high school, things were tough and Zac was on the verge of throwing in the towel. Sam & Melodie Scalf joined the teaching team at the perfect time.

This friendship was the catalyst for Rêver’s evolution into the amazing spiritual community we have today. Our current property and building were purchased in 2016, and we can’t imagine gathering anywhere else.

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Your generous financial support allows us to continue to live out our purpose of making friends, finding family, and releasing dreams while honoring God. If you are able to donate, know that all contributions go directly to the ministry and all donations are tax deductible. Thank you for being a part of the dream here at Rêver!